Streamline credential &
file sharing for your business

Get the benefits of a cloud hosted password manager that your business completely controls without the burden of server configuration and support.

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PassHub enables your business to

Leverage zero-trust architecture and multi-factor authentication to secure your most sensitive data

  1. Enforce security with password-less multi-factor authentication as the only access method

  2. Eliminate potential for insider threats with client-side encryption so even administrators cannot access user data

  3. Protect critical IT assets, e.g. credentials and SSL certificates

Securely store business credentials, notes and files

  1. Organize your data with PassHub Safes--top-level folders and subfolders

  2. Search and find records with our robust search tool

  3. Generate strong passwords according to your business requirements

  4. Backup/restore your data

Collaborate with team and clients

  1. Share individual safes with team members, partners, and clients

  2. Use granular access to keep all information on a need-to-know basis

Manage user access

  1. Across the entire PassHub service:

    Invite users to PassHub

    Track user activities

    Delete user accounts

  2. Within each PassHub safe:

    Assign roles to safe users (read only, editor, admin)

    Revoke user access to the safe, while maintaining access for your organization

Migrate from KeePass

  1. Import your KeePass data to finally start sharing business credentials and files (e.g. SSL certificates) with your team

  2. Export your PassHub data for backup in your cloud

Flexible Deployment Options to fit Any Environment

PassHub for Business is available as a self-hosted or SaaS PassHub

Self-hosted PassHub

Deployed on your company’s servers, this deployment gives you full control over PassHub source code and sensitive user data.

Full-featured server installation including SMTP server, SSL certificates, distributed MongoDB database, general security protection, updates and support.

PassHub for Business is an open source project which itself is free for you to use within your organization’s own infrastructure. However, to make PassHub work, you will need a subscription to the WWPass Authentication Service.

To get a self-hosted PassHub for your business, is 3000 CHF license fee plus 6 CHF/Month and user for unlimited users.

Get the source code from GitHub

Saas PassHub

PassHub for Business may also be deployed as a SaaS version, hosted by This approach eliminates the burden of server configuration and support, while still letting you control user accounts on the company’s PassHub account.

To get a dedicated SaaS PassHub for your business at a domain of your choice, but have us host it, is 1000 CHF one-time setup cost plus 6 CHF/Month and user for unlimited users plus 50GB of storage.

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Tailored PassHub

Customized features to meet the unique needs of your organization

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Why choose PassHub for Business

Client-side encryption (AES-256-GCM and RSA-2048)

Strong multifactor authentication with no master password

Unlimited storage and sharing

Easy sharing between team members

Compatible with any device without requiring software installation

Automatic synchronization between team members and all user devices

Installed on corporate servers, keeping server code under full enterprise control

Compatible with KeePass